Empty Nest

Mom’s visit has come and gone. Its been almost two weeks since she left and I am just now sitting down to write about it. It was a really fun time. We were VERY busy. Emmet, the wife, and I took mom all over Singapore. And I’ve been tired since!

Mom’s flight got in just past midnight on Sunday and Emmet’s face when he woke up Monday morning and saw her in the house was absolutely priceless! I am amazed we convinced him to go to school that day. But we did, leading to hilarity later in the week. Meimei in Chinese is “little sister”and is pronounced very close to Memere “grandma”in Canuck. His teachers know he is an only child and could not understand why he didn’t want to be in school because his “little sister”was visiting.

We hit the ground running taking mom to the market and food stalls her first morning after bringing the little man to school. It was great to see her expression when she saw our marketplace, I imagine I looked very much the same the first time but since I don’t carry a mirror around I can’t be sure. The sights, sounds, and smells threatened to overwhelm her. Not to mention the coffee. I had tried to prepare her for the sweetness of coffee with sugar and condensed milk, but it is something that must be experienced to be believed.

We crammed all the things we would do in a month into eight days (we took a couple to relax) going to the bird park, zoo, the gardens, shopping in Chinatown, the science center, and even a sightseeing tour by duckboat. The wife I and even got to go out and have dinner like adults, by ourselves…..twice. Which is exactly two more times than in the previous six months.

Unfortunately all good things must end. The three days following mom’s departure were rough on us all. Emmet had trouble sleeping in his own room….alone. I missed having a reason to make a full pot of coffee, and someone to show all these cool places to. And we all missed the nice feeling of family being close again. Now we just have to make it until Christmas when we visit home.


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One response to “Empty Nest”

  1. Mom says :

    I had a ball. It was hard for me to leave too…..miss you all.


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