A little over a week from now my mother will be visiting us here in Singapore for two weeks. Emmet is very excited to see Memere, even if he is sketchy on time. I told him at the beginning of September that she was coming. Since then its been the subject of conversation roughly every other day. Three year olds are apparently not good with calenders, who knew?

We’ve been trying to compile a list of things to do while Mom is here. So far on the list we have the beach at Sentosa, E would really like to take Memere for a drive down the mountain like he did during Uncle Andrew’s visit. The zoo for an elephant ride. The bird park, since Emmet loves it, we have the membership, and Mom likes birds. Perhaps a ferry ride to Pulau Ulbin since we haven’t done that yet so it will be a new thing for all of us. And we are still debating a possible trip to Malaysia, Indonesia, or Bali but that’s not a guarantee. We will definitely be taking her to the marketplace for breakfast. Hey if Andrew can find something he was willing to eat there then Mom certainly can.

In addition to planning all the things to do during her visit we are also going through the normal weirdness of someone visiting. Is the house clean enough, is everything put away, did we shop for the right things to keep in the house (I can’t remember if she drinks decaf or not). The cleaning is the part that disturbs me. You would think going from a three floor three bedroom duplex to a two bedroom apartment smaller than one of those floors, keeping it tidy would be easy. Those with toddlers know this is seldom the case. I took Emmet out while the wife did an intensive cleanup of the living room a scant two days ago. It looked great for that evening and the whole next morning while the little man was in school. His school ends at ten thirty. Add the five minute walk back to the house, by eleven her work was all for naught.

The good news I guess is that Mom will more likely be more keen on spending time with E than critiquing my sweeping skills.


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