The Porcelain God Demands Sacrafice

Supplies are being gathered. The cupboard is stocked with snacks. There are new movies still in the plastic. Play-doh cups with new molds have been acquired. There is even a block of stone analog with a dinosaur trapped inside waiting to be chipped free. 4 bottles of juice are chilling in the fridge. Beer will be needed, on the “to purchase list”. Also on that list are more new toys, a large posterboard, and new exciting stickers. You may ask why? Is there a large storm coming? An imminent volcano eruption? A camping trip? The answer is better and worse than all of these.


We have decided that this weekend starting Friday after school is (cue ominous background music) “The Great Potty Weekend”.


I am ready to be completely done with diapers…..OK maybe not completely, I think overnight will still take some time. The potty stalemate in this house however must end. We have reached a tentative armistice with the little dictator, in which when prompted he will use the potty but only then. He will offer no indication that he must go, nor will information of prior goings be admitted to until said action becomes nasally apparent.


We have tried stickers, candy, all sorts of interesting toddler potty books, the wife even downloaded a game to her phone in which Emmet helps a teddy bear use the potty. He is unmoved by any of this. He is still content to fill his diaper. And honestly who can blame him? (Apart from the general grossness one feels when thinking of sitting in an undergarment full of urine, this seems to be an “adult” thought as the three year old finds nothing wrong with it) When wearing a diaper play doesn’t need to stop for something as inconvenient as using the toilet..


So we have been talking up this weekend to him for a few days. The excitement seems to be building. He does get excited to use the potty when you can get him on it. Hopefully we will be daytime potty free by Monday. Or I will have spent an entire weekend in the house, and have nothing to show for it but a stained couch……Maybe I should add a plastic tarp to the “to purchase list”


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4 responses to “The Porcelain God Demands Sacrafice”

  1. Sue says :

    You forgot cleaning agents for the occasional mishap. Good luck!


  2. lovesthings says :

    Good luck!! Happy pottying!!


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