I Feel Like Bill Murray

Lately I have. In a horrible movie (sorry if you are a fan), a repetitive slog through the same day over and over. All I can think of sometimes is that one scene “Phil! Phil Connors! Its me Ned!”, hmmm I guess for a bad flick it kind of sticks with you.


I wake up every day to the same little feet, its a rare day I actually drag myself out of bed at my quarter to seven alarm, instead catching another fifteen minutes of almost sleep before he makes his way into our room. We get up and have breakfast, well he has breakfast I have the coffee that is requisite for any stay at home parent. More so than when I was working it seems. I bring the little man to school to commence the two hours each morning that help me retain sanity. I walk to the market and get breakfast. I’ve become a regular at the wonton noodle stand. They are absolutely delicious and for two fifty you can’t beat a big plate of noodles with fried wontons, pork, and veggies. I buy whatever we are going to have for dinner, then head home. I do the dishes and check facebook before going to pick up E. Then we have lunch and play, maybe go in the pool or go run some errands. Around five thirty we have dinner then go play outside with the other children. Seven is time to head upstairs have a little snack and get ready for bed. I putz around till I’m tired and go to bed. All to be repeated in a few hours.


When I was home and working we had a routine as well, but each day was different at work. There were friends with things happening in their lives to talk about. Dogs and cats are never quite sick in the same way. I never knew if today was going to be a fluffy kitten day, or an angry mastiff with bad ears day. Things changed. I had a network of friends to hang out with. I was busy. …….Now I feel like I’m in a rut. It’s my fault. There are many things to go do and see here. But I worry about breaking his routine, and there are days I dread packing everything we’ll need for a day out to carry along with us.


Days like today though, when the wife has the day off and takes Emmet out for some Mommy/Emmet time, I have the house to myself. I rejoice for the first hour or two. I clean without having it messed up as I go, I watch a show I want to watch, type my blog. But very soon after I find myself missing E. He’s always here. Its nice, but a little disconcerting as well. Also like a victim of inertia I haven’t gone anywhere or done anything with my free time. Sure I’ve accomplished a bit around the house but I could have gone to that nature preserve up north I’ve wanted to visit, I could have taken pictures at the chinese gardens without him complaining of the walk, I could have done a lot yet I didn’t


Sorry for the pity party. Hopefully like most of the times I’ve whined on my blog here once its out of me I feel better and can move on. Tomorrow is another day and Mommy is working all weekend so E and I will have to find an adventure to go on. I think it will be the bird zoo one day and a hike another. Hopefully forcing us into action will make me feel better!


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