How Heavy Is A Polar Bear?

It was once said around a poker table that the group of us were still friends because no one else would make friends with us at this point. We were in our mid twenties. There was beer involved. It was still a valid statement. It has, however, been proven false, at least in my case.


When we came here we came alone. Just Emmet, Mommy, and Daddy. Mommy had one friend from work that came as well, but being a single guy with no kids his social life and ours don’t exactly mesh. Mommy had work so she has met a few people and made a couple friends, but again mostly single or young without children. Enter E the social butterfly.


It follows a fairly standard formula.

“Emmet whose toy is that?”

“It belongs to….”, sometimes there is a name most times not.

Or “Emmet where is your ball?”

“…. has it”

Which invariably leads to meeting the other child, and therefore the parents. Which has about a fifty percent success rate as a lot of the children are outside with their nannies.

Smiles and toys in the pool at the serviced apartment we were in the first month let us meet Lily. Emmet’s little Irish friend has two wonderful parents who we have traded babysitting evenings with. Once when Lily’s aunt was visiting all four of us parents went out together. We get together with them once a week or so for play dates now that we are both out of the serviced apartments and in our own places we are about forty minutes apart by train.


There are Adam and Sybil whose child Ethan likes to steal soccer balls. Pretty handy since E loves to chase people who steal soccer balls. Raymond and Winny, daughter Amelia, who honestly believes she is a disney princess….on days she is not spiderman. Lita and Kevin with their progeny Kian and Reese, who both like to play pretend hockey with Emmet, well I they are Canadian so its kind of a gimme. Marcel and his son Christian the Dutch/Indonesian family who introduced E to the wonders of Nerf guns. Lastly Ali and his daughter Nila who possess the coolest remote control car in the whole complex.


Thanks to E we have been invited to play dates (which involve conversations with people who speak coherently in full sentences), birthday parties, and BBQ’s. We see these friends almost every night that it is not raining at the playground. All the kids are between three and six so dinner and bedtime line up. The children play, laugh, and cry together…..scraped knees and bruised feelings are part of the deal right? The parents chat and watch. I’ve gotten to discuss hockey, UFC, cooking, books, and beer. All conversations that are tricky at best when its just me and the little man.


I guess the conversation around the poker table still has merit. As we get older it may be tough to find new friends of our own, but lucky for me Emmet is big enough to break the ice.


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