Score One For The Sun

The community pool. The aromas of chlorine, sweat, and sunscreen. A drab rectangle with too many bodies and a lot of splashing. Cries of laughter punctuated by the shrill whistle of the orange trunked overly tan lifeguard. Not in Singapore….well mostly. The smells are the same just add chili and curry from the lunches people bring. Also add the pasta restaurant, KFC, and Pizza Hut on site. The sounds of laughter and whistles could be any pool, I’m guessing anywhere in the world. Children and water are a perfect match no matter where you are. Where it differs greatly is appearance. Yes that plain rectangle is there if laps or diving is your thing. But wait there’s more.


The Jurong East “community pool”, the one closest to us is one train stop down and a ten minute walk. Or a thirty minute walk with no train. We walked. Well I walked Emmet snoozed in the stroller since it was just after noon and we had just had lunch. It cost Emmet and I two dollars and eighty cents to get in. On a weekday it would have been half of that. It is like no community pool I’ve ever seen. There are two children’s splash pools. One is knee deep on E, its got starfish and crabs in the tiles. It was good for about ten minutes of playtime. Its cute but not interesting enough to hold the attention of my little fish. The second is up to his hips and has a bridge with sprinklers spouting of it like an aquatic porcupine. Lot’s of fun and we returned to it multiple times throughout the day.


We rented a large inner tube for three more dollars. It made the wave pool a lot of fun. Oh that’s right there’s is a wave pool, A Wave Pool! At the “community swim center. He thought the waves were great fun but the the times between wave times it was just a pool, and well we have one of those at home so it wasn’t very interesting. There are three large water slides as well., but unfortunately he doesn’t quite meet the height requirement. The last feature though, is the one where we spent the most time. The lazy river. Right? I think you are now as amazed as I was when I heard about this place let alone when I saw it! Apparently the Singaporean concept of community pool is far and away different from mine.


Back to the lazy river. It actually moves at a pretty good clip, so perhaps it should be called the moderately sedate river. He was a little too small to use the tube so we went without. He was just tall enough to have the tops of his shoulders out of the water. The smile on his little face as he bounced along through the tunnels and water sprayers throughout the river were awesome!


“Daddy look how fast I run!”


I could have done that all day. And we did do it often. So often in fact that by the time four rolled around daddy’s shoulders were more akin to a fire engine than flesh toned. Thankfully the little man has his swim shirt, or mommy would have been upset with me for letting his delicate skin crisp. So the sin scores, but I think the hat trick of attractions we had made it a win for me and E when all was done.


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