We Are Family

First I must apologize for the delay. It seems with the shift change back to days I find less time to write. Not that I am not thankful for the change! Mommy went back on day shift as of last Friday and we have been busy! The first day we wandered Chinatown and picked up some small gifts to send home to a couple of people ( Watch your mailboxes!). It was a good day, we even sampled Singapore’s national dish…..Chili Crab. It was delicious. One is enough for two people. It was spicy, and fruity, and saucy, and delicious. Have I said delicious? On the waitress’s suggestion we also got some fried buns, which are absolutely key to enjoying the chili crab. Once the claws, legs, and body have been thoroughly cracked, scraped, and sucked clean of meat you are left with a large bowl crab laden sauce. These buns were the perfect vehicle for delivery of said sauce to the mouth.


Saturday Emmet and I took Mommy to the bird zoo. She had so much fun we decided to buy a membership there for the year. Now we can go as many times as we would like. Emmet showed her the penguins and flamingos. He particularly liked showing her the ostrich, beaten out only by the splash park. I think her favorite part though was the treetop suspended bridges where the tropical birds come and eat sugar water out of little cups that you hold.


Sunday we took a day trip to Sentosa, Singapores’ little island playground. To get there you have to take the train all the way to the other end of the island, then cross a mile long bridge. There are three options for the crossing, taxi, monorail, or walking (with the assistance of those fun George Jettson-esque moving sidewalks for most of it). We chose to walk, which was fun because there are some great views on the bridge. Note to self, bring the camera with you more places. We had a good day walking around, seeing the shops and restaurants. We also walked by the entrances to Universal Studios, a water slide park, and the aquarium. Supposedly there is a beach to swim at there as well, but we didn’t find it. Oh well I guess that means we will have to go back!


It’s been great having Mommy awake and part of the family during her days off. I still did change a diaper or two, make breakfast, and put E to bed…..just not all on the same day. He is very excited to show her all the things he can do and has seen. He is also happy to not have to use his whisper voice in the house during the day. So I’ll try to make sure I find things to write about going forward to alleviate and more public shaming on facebook from my lack of productivity!


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