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0730….”Let’s get dressed”. Seems a simple statement. Calls forth a plan of action. It is an operation that happens every day, so inherent in the simple sentence is a litany of other actions. Go to your room, grab clothes, don’t forget the socks, fresh diaper, now we’re ready to go to school. For anyone not living under the thumb of a midget dictator with a limited vocabulary (also known as a toddler) it would be.

0735 “No really buddy its time to get dressed. There’s no need to scream it happens every morning.”

0745 “Do you need to use the potty before we put new pants on?……Oh you don’t but Teddy does?…..Sure Teddy can try.”

0805 “I know you are a big boy and can do buttons all by yourself, but can I help?”

0815 “Alright let’s get all our stuff and head to school”


Yes it really did just take forty five minutes to put on three articles of clothing. Now comes the most dreaded part of the day. Walking……anywhere. It is less than fifty yards from the bottom of the elevator to the front door of school. You would think that this would mean we could leave only five minutes before school starts and make it with time to spare. Oh no, not with pint sized Lewis and/or Clark walking with you.


0817 “No bud we go left not right, we’re going to school not the playground” “What are you going to do with all those rocks?” “No I don’t know where their rock friends live. Maybe we could put them back near the fountain and their friends will find them” “Must we touch every pole in the fence?”

0828….less than one hundred and fifty feet later..”Good job E, have fun at school. I’ll see you in a little bit”

0831 I get back to the apartment and commence trying to do dishes/laundry/sweep/maybe go the gym/shower before…

1030 “How was you’re day at school” to begin the walk home, which is much like to ordeal of getting there.


I have to say it is the one thing the frustrates me the most. He can be so slow! Unless there is something on the other end he knows he wants and you can keep it fresh in his mind. That is easier said than done. All those sticks, stones, blades of grass, errant breezes are very distracting. So we walk, very very slowly from place to place. I should be able to calm to down about it. We are usually not on a timeline. But I can’t. Having to say the same sentence over and over again kills me. Oh well, I guess its something both of us will have to get better at. Him keeping a pace that wouldn’t make a tortoise say “Hey what’s taking you so long?” and me on not getting as worked up about it.


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