Never Get Him Wet, And Don’t Feed Him After Midnight

Emmet is an awesome little amalgamation of the wife and I. He got his wonderful hazel eyes and temper from me. His cute little nose and thus far straight teeth are mom. The growling, fist slamming, and angry stare when told that yes it is bedtime are all me. However he got a little something else from mom too.


My wife once told me in jest “I’m not OCD it just has to be the same way every time”. Now to be fair my wife is not OCD. She has no ticks, not repeated actions, she is not hampered in her daily life. She is, however, a creature of habit. E is too. And when his routine is thrown off so is he. From what I understand from friends this does not make him unique in the world of toddlers. It seems the little darlings thrive on sameness. While our days tend to have little plan to them there are constants. Breakfast, get dressed, (now) go to school, pick him up, do something (there is the big variable), nap, make dinner, play, bedtime. That is our pattern. The monotony of parenting. Not that each day doesn’t have its own quirks and highlights. If it didn’t I would not have anything to write about. Today was a special deviation.


Mom tried to be nice. She had last night off so hadn’t gone to bed yet and decided to let me sleep in. Super sweet of her! But the gremlin apparently got wet. He couldn’t play his toy guitar because daddy was sleeping. Mommy made breakfast, not me. I woke to a tantrum just before time to leave for school. I was a upset and frustrated because it seems that this much whining and carrying on only happens when Mommy is home. Mommy walked him to school, usually its me or both of us. There was another meltdown at school. Needless to say she, as she should have, brought him home. While his preschool isn’t cheap, I’m sure his teachers don’t get paid enough to deal with the super freak out.


I’m almost positive it was a big combination of two things. First the break in routine. Even on her days off I am almost always up with him in the morning. Second, and more importantly I think, the fact that Mommy was there. I wrote before about how night shift sucks. I think this was another example of that. He doesn’t see her enough, or spend enough time with her. Not her fault, don’t misunderstand me, there is no blame attached to that statement it is just fact. Today’s apocalypse was probably seventy percent “I want Mommy time” and thirty percent routine based. Let’s hope we can settle into a “routine” of rotating mornings. I’d like to sleep in once in awhile!


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One response to “Never Get Him Wet, And Don’t Feed Him After Midnight”

  1. Melanie says :

    Mike this is so true. Hunter is four, going on five next month, and he still strives on routine. Luke usually works until after Hunter’s bed time. On the rare occasion when Luke is home for bedtime, we will get an occasional melt down, same thing at dinner times to. Children strive on routine.


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