Oh It’s Just You……

I’m am not important. At least not this evening. Not to Emmet’s friends. I was accosted no less than three times between the gate to our complex and the elevator with imploring little faces asking “Where is Emmet?” only to see disappointment when I told them it would be another half hour before he came outside. I know this shouldn’t surprise me. Why on earth would I be important to various groups of four to ten year olds? There is no conceivable reason. I am, however, amazed at Emmet’s popularity. Especially since I see him as the guy who doesn’t want to share his toys, but wants to play with anything someone else brought. Maybe because I’m dad I’m always on the lookout for him to be playing fair and not being “that kid”. You know which kid I mean. Well you do if you are a parent and frequent a playgrounds. There is always the one kid nobody likes, not the parents, and not even the other children. There is always one, and I don’t want it to be E.


My fears seem to be unfounded, at least for now. As evidenced by the many requests for his presence he can’t entirely be the spoiled brat who ruins the playground for everyone. I try my best not to let him. I insist that he shares. Hell, we even brought down three matchbox cars tonight to make sure that he had some for his friends to send down the slides too. His friends always like chasing bubbles with him. Bubbles, I’ve found, are the world’s greatest playground equalizer. As long as there is an adult willing to be mobbed by the kids, bubbles are fun for every age. There is actually few things I have as much fun doing lately as waving the bubble wand and watching fifteen children scurry all about to catch and pop them before they fly away.


His two favorite people at the playground recently are a pair of sisters. They speak very good English for their ages ( which I guess and twelve and seven…..ish (I’m horrible at guessing ages) as it is their second language. They are Japanese, and their names are Momoka ( Moe Moe Kah ) and Kikome (Kick O May), and hopefully their parents aren’t followers of this blog because I am sure I just butchered the spellings there. They are adorable and so good with him. They remind me of another pair of girls, sister, who spent a lot of time with E back home. They always get very excited to see him, love to pick him up and hug him. And always try to include him in whatever game they are playing. They love to tousle his hair, and even sing his silly songs with him.


Even though it is incredibly hard not having our close friends and family close, It is really nice to find such great love and caring where we are. I also envy Emmet for this experience. I think having all these friends from different backgrounds so early in life will be one of the greatest gifts we could have given him. I know he misses home. I know he misses his family. But he loves the friends he is making, and I love watching him be happy and play. And I guess no matter where you are from or what language you speak, those sparkling hazel eyes just kind of get you!


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