The Sounds of Silence

I love my days with E. I love my days when the wife is home as well even more. But oddly my patience is less on those days. On our days alone we take our time, we don’t rush to anything. But days like the last couple we have things planned and its harder. Yesterday we went to Disney on Ice and today we had a family day at her work site. Both were fun but there were definite times we had to be places.


Any of you who read this who have been, or know someone who has been in the military know that this is a bit of a stress point. Five minutes early is ten minutes late. This mindset with a toddler is impossible to adhere to for a couple of reasons. First if you succeed then you have fifteen minutes in which you must entertain said child. Second there is always a diaper to change, or a leaf to look at, or an inexplicable five minutes of we just will not walk any more. This kills me. I can’t help it. I have a need to be places on time. Its my only crazy head thing. I don’t flick light switches a hundred times, or wash my hands incessantly, but being late can give me a panic attack.


The other issue with these two days have been the timing of the events. The “Super Cool Ice Show” as Emmet called it (thank Disney Jr marketing department) was at three pm. The family day was quarter to one. Since we travel by train and bus we had to leave about and hour early for each. This put us right around nap time either day. So there was no napping. The evenings, therefore, were more fun than usual. By more fun I mean they were long, tedious, whine filled slogs. As I sit here writing this I have just read E a story (Goodnight Moon if you were curious), then we talked about our day, had a good long hug, then he asked for Mommy to snuggle. Now I’ve been at the computer for a good fifteen minutes so I’m fairly certain Mommy has fallen asleep with him. That’s OK I’ll wake her up in a bit. Mostly because her sleep schedule is all out of whack since we had these two day time activities and then she has to go back to work Monday night.


So the only sounds in the apartment currently or the tapping of the keyboard and the rumble of the train outside. This is as close to silence as I get. It will have to do because after the last two hours of the last two days being whining and crying over little infinitesimal things that normally wouldn’t bother E but do because he’s tired,….I relish it. . .


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One response to “The Sounds of Silence”

  1. Sue says :

    Silence is a rare treat….When I’m home alone, no tv, no music…nothing…just silence. Give E a big hug from us!


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