Words of……Wisdom?

Emmet is making a lot of new friends. This is a great thing, but it also causes some confusion. Mostly when it comes to talking to them. The abundance of accents is astounding. Its not uncommon to hear everything from American, Canadian, Indian, Irish, Scottish, Australian, New Zealand, English,….it can get confusing.


Almost everyone speaks English here. While its  the same language, its not at the same time. I’ve found E using words like “lift” when we go up and down towers. When we are at the park playing in the sandbox he no longer digs with his shovel. He uses his spade. And with the simplistic wonder of a child he has no problem with his new friends’ names. While dad over here struggles to remember, let alone pronounce the names of his friends and their parents. Yesterday while talking to two dad’s on the playground 3 times during the conversation I had to ask how to correctly pronounce their names. I did finally get them down, and will remember them probably because of the trouble I had with them.


He’ll be starting a preschool soon and so will be exposed to more accents there. I’m sure there will be words for common things that are completely different from what I would normally use. The confusion this sure to cause will probably be pretty amusing. Especially since as a 3 year old his attention span and logical reasoning are limited in both time and depth. What really scares me though is when he starts kindergarten he will most likely start learning Mandarin.


That is super cool ……and potentially frightening. I can see it now. Let’s close our eyes and whisk ourselves to a land of imagination. I’ll set the scene. Its a pleasant Sunday afternoon. The sun is shining through the skylights in the local shopping mall. The bright natural light warms the side of your face as the AC winds its way around the rest of you keeping the whole place comfortable. Its been a nice day. You’ve browsed through some stores, perhaps even made a purchase or two. Lunch has been purchased and consumed. Its probably been a total of a handful of hours and you are now on your way back to the train station to go home. Unfortunately in your contented state you have not paid attention to your route out of the mall. You find yourself passing the brightly colored window display of the toy store. Your toddler decides he MUST have the latest GI Joe playset. You nicely say not today dear we’ve already bought you a treat for today and we’re on our way home. Cue the tantrum meltdown in 3, 2, 1……expect the screaming half cried words that accompany this particular freak out are in Chinese. Which you don’t speak. …..Great. I  guess I’ll have to buy a learn Mandarin book or something if he does start learning it.


I wonder what kind of accent he’ll have when we move back. Will it be a UK type of brogue? Will he sound like he’s from down under? Its odd. But so far when he talks it sounds like home. We’ll see if that lasts.


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