Boy vs. Food

I love food. I love to eat it. I love to cook. I love trying new things. If its weird, put it on my plate and I’ll give it a whirl. What’s that you say? You have grilled sea cucumber? Give me some let’s see what its like. Sea Urchin sushi, yes please. Living in Singapore has so far offered me the opportunity to endlessly excite my taste buds with new textures and flavors Its amazing the amount of diversity offered atop beds of fragrant jasmine rice or thick chewy udon noodles……. Unfortunately E disagrees with me.


He wants pizza. He wants hot dogs. He wants chicken nuggets. The only things he wants that I want him to have are carrots and pasta. I know he’s three. His palate is a narrowly winding road with cars double parked on either side. To the left is bumper to bumper “Ewwww that’s gross daddy” and to the right is jam packed “I don’t wanna try”.  I’m slowly wearing him down. He likes pasta, so its a short jump to noodles. I’ve discovered as long as I get some flavor in there and its not just plain he likes rice. Now its all the other things.


I guess one of the biggest problems is changing the way we eat. Meat is expensive here. Seafood is relatively cheap as are eggs. So most of our protein will come from those. This is not how my boy likes to eat. He is a carnivore. Meatballs, steak, chicken, pork chops no problem. Leafy and green? Not a sweet fruit? That is a line he does not willingly cross. Before we moved I would sneak those veggies into the meat. Yes sir, deception and sleight of hand, that is how I ensured E’s nutritional health. Puree some spinach into that pasta sauce. While you’re at it put some of that spinach puree in the meatballs too! I wasn’t too proud to sneak some health into him.


Its harder to do that on a limited meat diet. Although this will be much healthier for all of us in the long run, I think its going to be a long uphill slog for E. Good news for him is that there is still McDonald’s here in Singapore. So every now and then I can still scratch that chicken nugget itch for him.


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3 responses to “Boy vs. Food”

  1. Mom says :

    Wow this from the boy that would only eat Hot Dogs or Grilled Cheese – you’ve come a long way


  2. Pam says :

    I love these, Mike!! Can’t wait to “see” you guys this weekend.


  3. Johanna Jarret Deslauriers says :

    hey, nothing wrong with loving pizza !!!


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