Please Don’t Stop the Music

I used to be cool. OK so I wasn’t really, but at least the music I listened to was. When I was young it was dad’s country, Waylon, Willie, and Hank Jr. Mom’s oldies Beatles, Monkees, and Bread. As I got older it was rock, Metallica, Nirvana, Pearl Jam. I went through an odd rap phase, anyone who’s been at a wedding with me knows my love of Digital Undergrounds “The Humpty Dance”. I expanded in my teen years with Phish, Leftover Salmon, The Agents. It used to be when I was doing some task or just walking down the street I would be humming or singing a song from my vast inner library of cool music. Not anymore.


Thanks to E, with myself more than a little to blame, I now find myself singing theme songs of cartoons. Or worse the inane songs from Hi-5. If you’ve never experienced the senses jarring assault of bubblegum that is Hi-5 I urge you to look it up on you tube. If you have children wait until they are asleep. The slightest nano-second glimpse of the actors in their primary color neuron attacking getups will hook your toddler faster than meth to a bored Kansas teen.


All the parents reading this can understand where I’m coming from. Those of you who are yet to be parents will understand if you ever have children. There is a pretty cool silver lining here, you know now that i’m finished complaining. The fact that all these kids shows are filled with music means Emmet likes music. When he is playing by himself in the house everything is a song. It’s not uncommon for him to be in the middle of a loop of wooden tracks singing not only the Thomas theme song but making up his own little ditty about what he’s doing. “Thomas is going up the hill…Annnnddd he’s gonna help Percy….And now I’m bringing them to the station”. Its adorable but more than that its very expressive and creative. It also means he likes other music besides kid show fluff. He likes listening to my iPod with me. He’ll even request songs. And I have to say he is already inheriting his father’s eclectic taste in music. At the moment his top five requests, in no particular order, are Darius Rucker’s Wagon Wheel (he calls it momma rock me), Queen’s Bicycle Race, Florida Georgia Line’s  Cruise, Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here, and Dropkick Murphy’s The Fields of Athenry.


I don’t know about you, but that makes him a pretty cool kid in my book. I’m  going to try to work some more classic rock and eighties hair bands in there for good measure. But until he gets some more songs in his repertoire I certainly don’t mind those five on a pretty tight rotation. For those of you opposed to eighties hairbands I dare you to listen to Kickstart My Heart and not love it at least a little.


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2 responses to “Please Don’t Stop the Music”

  1. scuds20 (Derek) says :

    Hmmmm… I do believe this has inspired me to make a copy of…. THE CD. You know the one..


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