Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Well trains, taxis, and buses. One of the biggest things to get used to since we arrived is not having a car. Unless you are a New Yorker, or from a similar big city in the states you can understand how odd this is for me. Want to go grocery shopping? OK grab your backpack stuffed with IKEA big blue bags, check the time to make sure its not morning commute-lunch-or evening commute (you have to fit those full bags and you on the train again), oh and don’t forget your 3 year old….wait your what..yeah E don’t forget E.


The good news is most of the people here are very considerate. They will stand up to give the seat to you with your toddler so he doesn’t tumble down the center of the car when starting or stopping. Unless they are teenagers, who I’m finding regardless of country tend not to see the world beyond their iPhone.  It makes things take longer, not that I mind I have a lot of time. And oddly enough Emmet LOVES it. He gets very excited to go to the train station, he gets to use “the card”. The magical credit card that opens the tiny red gates at the entrance and exit stalls at all the train stations. He will proudly announce to any passerby “I have daddy’s card”.


The card is genius. The government of Singapore is nothing if not efficient. “The Card” is a shining example of this. Once purchased it is infinitely refillable . It works on the trains. It works on the buses. And here is the really cool one, if you pick a SMRT taxi it works in the taxis too! You just tap it on the little reader pad and it notes where this card starts, when you leave you tap it on the reader pad at your destination and notes where its leaving and zaps some money off of your card. Super 21st century cool. At least if you ask me.


And Emmet is becoming an expert mass transit commando. He can ride escalators with impunity , and for all Kevin Smith fans yes I have taught him to fear and respect that escalator, and call elevators with eases. He knows where to wait for boarding and can say “Please mind the platform gap” in at least 2 languages already. Most importantly he has already learned which train stop is home. He’s a genius. He loves the buses, gets very excited to ride on them. In fact we had to wait an extra 20 minutes outside IKEA today because E insisted on riding a bus not a train home. His next goal….the double decker bus. I’m not sure what routes they are on or when we’ll get to but it is on the little man’s to do list. And taxis, well that is the ultimate for my travel warrior. He chats with the taxi drivers and oohs and ahhs out the window at all the other cars as we go by.


Now if I can somehow find a way to link public transportation to potty training, maybe we’ll have a reward big enough to motivate him to go number 2 in the bowl!!


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